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Become A Sekhem Practitioner: Elevate, Empower, and Evolve

The 'Healers' Healing System

Discover the transformative power of Sekhem, a healing modality taught in five progressive levels. Through the Initiation process and attunement of symbols into your energy field, you will become a channel for this healing energy, allowing you to activate and direct it for profound healing effects. There is no need for any previous experience of working as an energy channel,  Level One is suitable for complete beginners.

Each level introduces new symbols focusing on different aspects of healing, bringing through progressively higher frequencies of energy. Between levels, time is given to clear dense energy and blockages, cleansing both physical and energetic bodies. This integration period also allows you to gain confidence working as an energy channel and experience the energy of the symbols individually.

Upon completing Level two, you are able to work with clients when you have Insurance in place. With each progressive level, your connection to the energy deepens, facilitating personal transformation and improved intuitive work with the symbols. Your connection to guides also strengthens, offering greater assistance and insights during healing sessions.

Each level provides a comprehensive manual covering how to draw and visualise symbols, grounding, shielding/protection, creating sacred spaces, and more. You are encouraged to take notes during the workshop as Laurie will not only cover what is in the manual, but also offer additional knowledge she has accumulated over two decades of working as an energy channel.

You will also have the full support of Laurie as mentor and teacher and her knowledge and experience of being an energy channel for over 20 years following your Initiation and moving forward as a practitioner. You will be guided  through how to run energy healing sessions and given help and guidance on how to deepen your intuitive gifts. Uniquely to Laurie's Sekhem Workshops, you will also receive information regarding which Spiritual Guides wish to support and work with you on an energetic level, tailored guidance from them and a personal read with guidance on important steps specific to you in moving forward on your spiritual development. 


As you grow and evolve, you'll be able to better assist others in your healing sessions while creating spiritual wealth for yourself and those you work with. Listening to your inner guidance will enhance your energy healing practice and elevate your inner knowing. Deepening your connection to your healing guides and opening up your claire-abilities will also open up new channels for information to flow through to you. What you pick up and how you present this information or guidance to your clients can be just as healing as the energy work that you are facilitating.

Healers who have healed themselves radiate a presence and authenticity that can instill hope and inspire profound shifts in those they work with. Their own healing journey becomes a source of inspiration for others. 


"My greatest wish is to support and inspire you to become the most healed version of yourself so that you can share your innate healing gifts to the world around you and bring transformation to all who work with you."

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Why Choose Laurie as a Mentor?

As a 5D Quantum Healer and Sekhem Master Teacher, when Laurie Initiates and Attunes her students, they are also being attuned to the level of energetic frequencies that she holds and has access to in the Quantum Field.

Energy has a frequency to it, therefore, when Laurie works with her students, their vibrational frequency raises to meets her own. Laurie's team of extra dimensional healing guides, some of whom are light beings in the Quantum Field, are assisting with the Initiation and Attunement process at a Quantum Sekhem Level.


You might ask 'What difference does this make?'. It can only be described as 'jumpstarting' your energy channeling abilities. In the Quantum Field, everything happens at a much faster rate, meaning your energetic integration will be faster, your vibrational frequency will be much higher, your ability to tap into high frequency energies will be easier and your connection to  Quantum Field Healing Techniques will be accessible.


However, It is important to note that your journey will evolve at a pace that your Higher Self has decided, you will never be given too much to handle, too soon. It is also important to be mindful that there are no short cuts in spiritual work, there can be no by-passing, if you are not doing the inner work, you will experience a plateau in your development. It is essential that you keep on growing, learning, integrating and evolving in all aspects of your healing work and practice. The more you work on yourself and your spiritual and healing practices, the faster you will ascend into becoming all of who you are meant to be in this lifetime and open gifts and abilities you have already mastered in other lives. You are a multidimensional being and you have access to all of these innate gifts, but much like a computer simulation or game, you cannot move up to the next level until you have mastered each level!

Feedback Laurie has received from  students has been experiences of; heightened intuition, instant activation of hand chakras and being able to detect areas in the auric field that need balancing and energy work, straight after their Initiation and Attunement and carrying out hands on practice. Heat coming from their hands when carrying out energy work is common and very pleasant, mediumship skills coming on-line for some (for those that wished to develop in this area), a clearer connection to  guides and greater confidence working with others in healing sessions. 

When Laurie works in person with students, she allows plenty of time after the initial training and Initiation to systematically take students through how she runs an energy work session.  Practice begins with the Initiate on the treatment couch and Laurie talks them through a start to finish with how she runs a session, starting with the grounding, centering and shielding process and calling in of the spiritual healing team. Students are talked through how Laurie starts a session, tuning in, what she's picking up and how that information comes in to her, how to do a body scan, what her hands are feeling as she's picking up energetic information and how to tap in intuitively to what is received. Laurie will then talk her student through as they practice running an energy session on her, this is an interactive practice where students can ask questions while they are working and Laurie will help guide them with any sensations they may be picking up. Here, Laurie has an opportunity to feel the Initiates energy running and experience how the symbols feel as the student places them into her energy field. This part of the workshop is pretty 'magical' as Laurie can feel exactly when and where a symbol has been placed in her field. This is the most beautiful confirmation for her students, because they then know that what they are doing is working and gives an enormous amount of confidence.

Laurie's workshops are immersive and empowering and following the completion of a workshop, Laurie is available for help and support with any questions her students may have in the coming days, weeks or years even! Laurie fully encourages her students to build on their own unique gifts to enhance their own style of energy healing.


Please read the terms and conditions section before booking a course to ensure you are happy. Once a booking is made, a deposit will be required to secure your workshop date, with the remaining payment amount due 48 hours before the start date.


"Laurie is a remarkable teacher whose expertise and genuine warmth set her apart. Unlike traditional approaches, Laurie encourages intuitive 'free flow,' allowing a deeper connection with Sekhem. Her Healing Sessions are transformative, fostering a sense of exploration and understanding. Laurie's mastery is complemented by her ability to create a supportive learning environment, where questions are encouraged and imaginative exploration is welcomed. Her unique teaching style, combined with personalized guidance, makes her an exceptional and invaluable mentor in the realm of spiritual growth and energy healing."

Claire , Ashurst, West Sussex.

Sekhem Certification Levels

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