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Laurie Blount, Sakhem Master Teacher

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Looking after your own well-being and mental health should be a priority and that means taking time for yourself and healing those areas of your life that are holding you back


Sakhem Master Teacher

Having worked through my own pain, trauma and limiting beliefs, i know you can come through the other side and start living the life you truly deserve. With the right energy work and intuitive coaching,
'Anything is Possible'

About Laurie

Healer,  Intuitive Guide, Empath

I consider myself  blessed, because my 'job' entails doing what i love, working with clients and helping them to heal so they can create a life they truly deserve . I call myself an intuitive healing coach, because what i do isn't just energy healing, that's just part of it. Having worked on my intuitive abilities over the last 20 years and being born a sensitive/empath i am able to tap into what's going on underneath the surface in order for you to move on and start healing.

Before my own healing journey began, i had been experiencing crippling anxiety and panic attacks and numerous health issues. What i didn't realise at the time, was that it was caused by a combination of unhealed emotional childhood trauma i had experienced growing up and that i was an empath, literally soaking up everyone else's negative energy and trauma into my own energy field. As soon as i began healing those emotional and mental aspects and learnt how to prevent myself from picking up other's negative energies, my life was transformed.

Having always been fascinated by anything metaphysical since childhood, it was inevitable that i would find myself directed into the world of energy healing. After having my first healing session in 2002 with a gifted Intuitive healer, i immediately wanted to learn more. I started with psychic development classes and moved straight into learning and practicing Intuitive healing. 

After a few years, Sekhem came into my awareness and i just  knew i had to find the right teacher to Attune me and Mentor me. After that, everything fell into place and i realised i had a natural ability to work with the Energy to create huge positive shifts in both mine and my clients lives. 

Before i knew it, i was having downloads on how to work with Sekhem and its sacred symbols in unusual ways to bring through different aspects of the energy for deep healing and transformation.  I began incorporating Light language symbols into my sessions and was able to create interdimensional portals that brought through energies that were very galactic in feeling and which facilitated powerful healing at a much faster rate.

Energy healing has had a huge impact on my life and brought me to where i am now, and i am so thankful that i am in a position to be able to help others bring beautiful, positive transformation into their lives and to become a teacher, guide and mentor to those looking to work with the energy of Sekhem.

How the Past can affect your Present

This is exactly what happened to me, ignoring my emotional wounding lead to crippling anxiety, panic attacks and long bouts of sciatica. I thought i'd gotten over my traumatic experiences, but i'd just buried them deeper down and they always came surging back up stronger and less easy for me to ignore as time went by.

"I thought i'd gotten over my traumatic experiences, but i'd just buried them deeper down"

Sakhem Master Teacher and Energy Healer
Energy work can shift you out of the programming and trauma that you’ve been through and direct the energy to positively effect cellular memory and imprints in the emotional body and your DNA structure and re-balance all your energy bodies, bringing you back into PERFECT BALANCE.
Sakhem Master Teacher | Brighton UK

And here's where i can help you...

What do you need to work on?


  • Anxiety, stress, fatigue, low self-esteem or aches, pains and other health issues
  • Panic attacks
    lack of energy and focus
  • ​PTSD
  • feeling lost
  • disconnection to self
  • Healing Emotional Childhood Trauma 
  •  spiritual advancement and personal growth
  • Becoming a Sekhem Practitioner

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