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Laurie Blount

5D Quantum Healer, Galactic Energy Channel, Intuitive Coach, Ancient Egyptian Sekhem Practitioner & Master Teacher, Light Language Practitioner, 12 Strand DNA Activator, Ascension Guide, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Psychic Reader.

laurie Blount
Laurie Blount Therapy Room, Serene turqoise colours

My Journey with Quantum Healing....

Having always been fascinated by anything metaphysical since childhood, it was inevitable that I would find myself directed into the world of energy healing. Before my healing journey began, I had been experiencing crippling anxiety and panic attacks and numerous health issues. What I didn't realise at the time, was that these symptoms were being caused by a combination of unhealed emotional childhood trauma, and that I was incredibly sensitive to energy, literally soaking up everyone else's negative energy and trauma into my own energy field.  As soon as I began healing those emotional and mental wounds and learnt how to prevent myself from picking up other's negative energies, my life transformed.


I had my first Energy Healing Session in 2002 with an Intuitive healer, I floated out of the therapy room feeling so light and energised, I felt amazing. Eager to learn more, I started psychic development classes and moved straight into learning and practicing Intuitive healing, it came as naturally to me as riding a bike.

After a few years, Sekhem came into my awareness and I just  knew I had to find the right teacher to Attune and Mentor me. In fact, during my level 2 Initiation, I kept seeing symbol in my inner vision that I afterwards described to my teacher. She told me that it was a Sekhem Master Symbol and that it must have been given to me for a reason by My Sekhem Guides and that I may use it during healing sessions. I did not find out what the symbol was called or any other details until i took my Advanced Practitioner Initiation.

I soon realised I had a natural ability to work with Sekhem to create huge positive shifts and deep healing in both mine and my clients lives. I continued with my learning and completed Advanced, Master and Teacher Levels, it was during these last Initiations that I experienced the biggest up levelling in my energy work and was given access to the Quantum Field with a new Team of Interdimensional Guides to work with.

Before I knew it, I was having downloads on how to work with Sekhem and its sacred symbols in unusual ways to bring through different aspects of the energy for deep healing and transformation.

My Light Language & Light Language Codes came on-line and  I integrated them into my sessions and was able to create Interdimensional Portals that brought through energies that were very galactic and powerful in their vibrational frequency, facilitating powerful healing at a much faster rate. Sekhem proved to be the Gateway for me to access The Quantum Field having Elevated my vibrational frequency exponentially. 

On a personal Level, this has resulted in a clear connection to information received from Source, access to the Halls of Amenti (all lifetimes not just human lifetimes), The Akashic Records, Mediumship abilities, receiving information from my client's Guides and all of my Clair Abilities reaching their full potential.

I was recently given a New 5D Pure Sekhem Symbol by my Guides to work with which Is of Sirian Origin. It is a powerful portal symbol that brings through the intertwined and perfectly balanced energies of Christ Consciousness and The Sophia Consciousness. When these energies converge, a powerful synergy emerges – a union of masculine and feminine, heart-centered compassion, and profound wisdom. This alchemical merging offers a transformative experience that can lead to heightened spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness, and a deeper understanding of our purpose in the cosmic tapestry. 

My healing sessions have had a massive shift since working in the Quantum Field with my team of higher dimensional guides and with the Light Body of my clients, the part of you that is pure frequency and energy. Working at this level, I am able to download and activate energy codes that are specific to the client's needs for healing on all levels. When the Healing and Energy Work is brought through from the Quantum Field, clients begin to shift into alignment and experience positive transformations in their life and wellbeing. 

The Quantum Field

Experience the Power of 5D Quantum Healing

What is 5D Quantum Healing?​When the heart and higher heart chakras merge and ascend, it gives us access to the transpersonal chakras, the energy centres and vortexes existing outside of the physical form, sometimes referred to as the chakras of ascension or the light body chakras. These are opened and activated as part of a person's spiritual evolution.


When we reach this stage of our spiritual development we are able to access other dimensions of time and space. It is then possible to develop clear connections to the Angels,Ascended Masters, Interdimensional Light Beings and have the ability to channel high vibrational energies for healing and earth healing work. ​It is in this space that A 5D Quantum Healer is able to reconnect people with Source Energy and their Energetic Divine Blueprint. This form of Energy Work is very fast and is a powerful hands-on healing that includes psychic surgery, recoding of DNA, Sound Vibration through Toning and Light Language and inner vision.

With all of Laurie's Sessions, when the Energy Work is complete, Laurie will walk you through the information received during your healing to help guide you in moving forward on your healing journey and personal development. 

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