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Egyptian Hallway, with staircase into the light


Sekhem Master Teacher Workshop Details​
Attunement to 4 Sekhem Master Portal symbols
Attunement to 3 Sekhem Teacher symbols
Learn how to work with the Master Portal symbols
Learn the Initiation and attunement process
Ethics, teaching and integrity
Master Teacher Manual
Useful resources for starting your own workshops
On-going support
At this level you are attuned to four Pure Sekhem Master Portal symbols which will be placed into your energy field. These powerful symbols will help you connect and go beyond the boundaries of many other healing modalities, by giving you access to space, time and dimensions. Using these symbols can allow you to work at a multidimensional level, accessing layers and levels of self for deeper healing, work in this space is often rapid and very powerful. 

Once you have reached Master Teacher Level, it is essential that you keep working on yourself with absolute integrity. We must keep growing and evolving into the highest version of ourselves in order to assist others to our fullest capacity. Be conscious with the energy you are working with, our souls are expansive and multidimensional and able to create spiritual wealth for yourself and others that you work with. Really listen to your inner guidance to help you develop your energy healing practice, this will bring more flow into your work and life and allow higher levels of consciousness to guide you.

As a teacher, you will be providing the tools, information and knowledge to help others find their own truth, to evolve and to open up to the limitless possibilities of their souls' potential.

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