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Galactic Pharoah


Advanced Sekhem Workshop Details​
Attunement and Initiation to 4 Advanced Sekhem symbols
How to use Advanced Sekhem symbols
Re-cap on healing session procedures
Overviewing any gaps in knowledge
Using conscious Intention for energy work
20 minute healing session, psychic read and guidance with Laurie 
Advanced Sekhem Level manual
On-going support

At this level of Sekhem, you are initiated to pure Sekhem symbols and they will be placed into your energy field. The new energetic vibrational frequencies these attunements bring in are unlike any other symbols you have used before. They are multidimensional dimensional activators that allow you to connect more fully to powerful galactic energies, facilitating powerful personal growth and expansion at new levels.

During levels 1 and 2 , you have been clearing and purifying your energy field, which has created space for new levels of Living Light Energy to integrate into your field and become a purer vessel to channel this incredibly high vibrational energy.
You will be able to facilitate psychic surgeries with new guides to assist you and bring in transformational energetic shifts for both yourself and clients to accelerate healing in all areas of life, consciousness and awareness. 


Your Investment



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