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Unlock the Power of Sekhem: Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Quantum

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Sekhem: A Powerful Healing System that Transcends Traditional Energy Healing Methods

Sekhem is a dynamic healing modality, harnessing an elevated vibrational frequency of Stellar proportions that delivers astounding results. In each healing session, Sekhem addresses the very issues client's are seeking healing for, effectively resolving them in one session in many cases. Client's need only return when they are ready to explore different aspects of their healing journey or to accelerate their spiritual development.

The knowledge of this Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing remained concealed for thousands of years, only to be rediscovered by Patrick Ziegler in the 1980s. Over time, with the guidance of dedicated Sekhem Master Teachers, it has evolved into a comprehensive healing system, rich with ancient wisdom and transformative potential.

The overseeing Deity or Goddess of Sekhem Energy is 'Sekhmet',  the Lion-headed humanoid we see revered in the tapestry of Ancient Egyptian culture. Sekhem comes through to us via the Portal of the Sirius star system, also revered and of great importance to Ancient Egyptians.


In Sekhem, the energy for healing is brought through via your Soul Star Chakra, which is opened and activated during the Initiation process. This aspect contributes significantly to its elevated vibrational frequency, setting it apart from other healing modalities that channel energy through the Crown Chakra. The Soul Star Chakra is the first of your transpersonal chakras (those chakras that are outside your physical body, above your head). 

This Chakra is a gateway to your soul's history stored in the Akasha and Amenti records.  Once activated, you can begin to access the abilities and gifts developed in previous, parallel lifetimes, other dimensions, and those in your energetic memory and your Divine Blueprint. By accessing this vast well of knowledge, Sekhem facilitates deep healing of your physical body and all of your energetic bodies, the expansion of your conscious awareness, your personal growth and supports your life mission.

Having worked with Sekhem for over ten years now, it has become crystal clear to me that it is a

Gateway for healers to access the Quantum Field, where rapid healing and personal transformation happen literally at the speed of light.  It is also here that you may gain access to advanced healing techniques and Master Healing Guides that wish to work with you. With each Healing and Initiation Level, your vibrational frequency raises, elevating your being on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

"Your journey with Sekhem will be Transformative and Unique. As you work with this divine energy, you'll begin to merge it with your innate soul gifts and abilities  mastered in other lifetimes. Your personal brand of Energy Healing will be Uniquely your own."

To the hearts of Starseeds and Lightworkers, this connection between a 'Feline Humanoid' depicted and revered in Ancient Egypt and the star' Sirius A' will resonate profoundly, evoking a remembrance of your Starseed roots !! You may even feel drawn to researching 'Feline humanoids from Sirius A & Lyra' among others Galactic races.

I invite you to embark on an extraordinary healing journey with Sekhem, one that leads you to rediscover your true self and unlock boundless potential within. If Sekhem has piqued your interest and you would like to take one of my Sekhem Workshops, just drop me a line in the form below.

Katie, Brighton

Laurie is an Incredibly Gifted and Intuitive Healer. She has an undeniable light in her eyes that reflects her connection to the Divine. I didn't know what to expect from my first Sekhem session, but it was a very Profound and Enlightening experience. I feel so blessed to have met Laurie and I can't wait to see her again!! I 
I feel so inspired and full of positivity
Thank you Laurie 

Sekhmet: Galactic Goddess, Master Healer, Fierce Warrior

Was Sekhmet from An Ancient Race of Feline Star Beings originating from Sirius ? Why was she specifically linked to the Healing Arts and Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt, Kemet? These are some questions you may be interested in looking into. There are a number of websites out there that could prove interesting, here is just one of them to start you off


In the central image below,is Sekhmet symbolically depicted as carrying out healing. Or is she performing a Sekhem Initiation & Attunement? It is intriguing to note that her hand is placed over the chakra called the 'Spiritual Gateway'. It has also been known as the Alta Major chakra and Ancient Egyptians identified this energy centre with the 'Atlas' Bone. This Chakra acts as a Energetic Gateway through which we can communicate spiritually with other Dimensions. Once activated it expands our consciousness and accelerates our ascension journey.

Having worked with Sekhem, Sekhmet and my team of healing guides for many years now, I have gained a vast amount of  channeled information during meditation and healing sessions - I encourage you with an open heart start connecting with this Powerful Goddess and and see what comes into your awareness. 

Sekhmet, Galactic Goddess
Sekhmet Attuning  Rameses II
Sekhmet carrying out a Sekhem Attunement
Feline Humanoid from Lyra originally, then travelled to Sirius

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