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Priestess standing in front of Egyptian Obelisk


Sekhem Level 1 Workshop Details​
History of Sekhem
The lineage of Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki
Setting up Sacred Space
Grounding and protection techniques
How energy works
Energetic transference
Attunement to 3 level 1 symbols 
Connecting to the energy
Sekhem healing procedure 
Techniques for healing yourself, others and situations
Opening and closing chakras 
20 Minute healing session with Laurie, Psychic Read & Guidance
Sekhem 1 Student Manual
Sekhem 1 Certificate
On- going support
This course is suitable for complete beginners who don't have any experience working with energy healing systems and also for those that have already completed healing training  in the past.  If you already have Reiki 1 or above, you may take Sekhem 1 and 2 together. Level 1 is an Initiation to raise your energetic vibration to the highest possible degree that you are able to house and hold at that time and Sekhem level 1 symbols will be placed into your energy field.
With the attunement to Sekhem, a large amount of vibrational energy is released through the opening up of your inner channels. The energy will ground and protect you as it moves through your system, dissolving lower vibrational energy that is no longer serving you.  You will begin a cleansing and clearing process, releasing, reconnecting and upgrading your inner energy structures. This usually lasts for around four weeks and during this time you may find that thoughts, feeling, patterns of behaviour and beliefs come up to be healed, making you a clearer channel for energy.

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