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Unlock Your Inner Potential: Experience 5D Quantum Healing & Elevate Your Life 

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Transform Your Life with Energy Healing

About Laurie Blount

Laurie is a Master Energy Healer and Teacher and Intuitive guide who supports people
looking for holistic approaches to bring about deep healing and balance to all areas of their lives.

Having trained in many different healing modalities over the years, Laurie has more recently developed her own unique healing system. Her mastery with energy work has enabled her to integrate both Galactic and Ancient healing modalities using a variety of  techniques. These include using Light Language, Light Codes, Ancient Egyptian Sekhem and working with higher dimensional beings and Ethereal surgeons.

Laurie is a highly Intuitive and highly effective healer. She has an amazing ability to tap into people's energy field accurately and translate it with precision and compassion into information needed for healing and self development. If you want to learn how to be a healer or if you want to have amazing healing sessions, Laurie is the person to go to.

Maya Ris, Sekhem Master Teacher, London

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What makes Laurie's work stand out from traditional energy healing systems like Reiki ?

As a 5D Quantum Healer, Laurie has the ability to channel various high vibrational energies to bring through specific frequencies from the Quantum Field that you as an individual need, in order to heal and evolve. When she works with you, she's tapping into your energy signature /source point, and the energy brought through will be specific to you depending on what is needed for the session, it's not a one size fits all approach. This form of energy healing is extremely effective and works very quickly in its results.

Working at this level, Laurie is able to direct energy in a powerful way that positively affects and transmutes energy imprints in the body, emotions and DNA.
You could look at it like upgrading your own personal Operating System, only it's at an energetic level and like wi-fi, you can't see it, but there's a whole lot of re-programming and downloads happening to heal, course correct and implement positive change in your life. As the new energy work settles in, you'll begin to see positive results happen quickly to support your healing journey and support the changes you wish to see in your life .

Experience the Power of 5D Quantum Healing:

"Through the entanglement of a person's energetic blueprint, a healer's focused energy and intentions can influence a person's consciousness to "jump" to a parallel timeline where healing, growth, and transformation are more pronounced. This process acknowledges that the different versions of the person's reality are interconnected and accessible through the entangled nature of their energetic essence in the Quantum Field".

Laurie Blount


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One to One 5D Quantum Healing Session

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One to One Sekhem Healing Session 

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5D Sekhem Attunement & Energetic Upgrade

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Sekhem Certification Workshops

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Laurie is an incredibly gifted and Intuitive Healer. She has an undeniable light inside that reflects her connection to the infinite divine. I didn't know what to expect from my first healing session with her, but it was a very profound and enlightening experience. I feel so blessed to have met Laurie and I can't wait to see her again. I feel so inspired and full of positivity. Thank you Laurie !!"

Katie, Brighton


"I connected immediately with Laurie, she spoke gentle and soothing light language through most of my healing session which was beautiful. I relaxed totally and trusted in the process. We chatted afterwards and she explained what came up. Since then I’ve had a full healing session with her which was so powerful. She worked on my spine and ribs to release the tension from a scoliosis which i had not told her about, two weeks later i was still pain free. Laurie has a fun approach to her spiritual self which I find like a breath of fresh air in these intense times both spiritually and physically. She has inspired and taught me more about myself and encouraged me in my own practice of healing which was long unused. I am truly grateful to have found her and I look forward to my next healing with her very soon. 

Claire , Steyning, East Sussex.”

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