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Laurie Blount
Sekhem Energy Healer & Teacher

Transformational Healing
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 Welcome to Sekhem,
A powerful, high vibrational Energy Healing System.

Hi, I'm Laurie
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Laurie is a Sekhem Master Teacher and Intuitive guide who supports people who are
looking for holistic approaches to relax, restore and revitalise their mind, body and spirit through transformational energy work and intuitive guidance. 

Having spent the past 17 years studying and integrating different healing techniques into her practice, Laurie is able to work with you at her highest capacity in a safe, non- judgemental space to help facilitate the changes you wish to make to your life. Laurie is dedicated to helping others to restore wellbeing, happiness and harmony in their lives by addressing the energetic root causes of the problems and not just alleviating the symptoms. 

Laurie is also able to provide support and guidance for your spiritual advancement through high vibrational energy sessions to upgrade both the physical and energy bodies with lighter energy frequencies to to awaken your spiritual consciousness and heighten your awareness. This type of energy work assists to awaken dormant spiritual DNA that connects to aspects of your Soul Consciousness. 

Most of Laurie's sessions are carried out remotely via Zoom or WhatsApp, but you can also book in-person appointments, Laurie is based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, England.

If you are interested in taking a Sekhem Workshop, Laurie offers Levels 1,2, Advanced and Master Teacher

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What is Sekhem?
Sekhem is a very high vibrational healing energy associated with the Central Spiritual Sun, the star system Sirius and our own physical sun. It came first to Lemuria, and then to Egypt and Atlantis and the frequency of the energy carries a distinctive pattern of the Sirian energy.

The energy has a beautiful Angelic quality that is also gentle, loving and nurturing as it is connected to the divine Living Light Energy of the universe. It is a healing system that incorporates Reiki, Seichim and Pure Sekhem, a beautiful synergy that complement one another.

The type of energy received through Sekhem is a life changing one, it brings about powerful transformation and healing, enabling you to make changes in your life and reconnecting to your Soul's Blueprint. It can help you to fully step into your own power, heighten your connection to your higher self, your spiritual gifts and support your personal growth.

Why try something different?

'You're not feeling any benefits from your usual Energy Healings anymore'

How much longer are you willing to put yourself last? When we neglect our own needs and self- care we can often find ourselves suffering from:

  • Anxiety or depression

  • stress

  • Panic attacks

  • lack of energy and focus

  • PTSD

  • insomnia

  • physical, mental or emotional pain

  • feeling lost 

  • disconnection to self

The right energy work can help you to:

  • maintain a positive mindset

  • get through challenging periods in your life

  • Clear old emotional patterns of behaviour

  • Get to the root of your anxiety or depression

  • Empower yourself to live authentically

  • Reconnect you in body mind and spirit

  • Activate your spiritual gifts  

Healing Session

Do you want to release the physical, mental and emotional stresses that have been holding you back from living a vibrant and joy filled life? 

Are you ready to release and clear the negative energy that you've been carrying? Many of us  also carry negative energies from other people and situations that accumulate over time, through healing sessions, we can release everything that is no longer serving us.

Is it time for you to start feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and whole again? 

You will feel lighter, at peace with a positive mindset after just one Healing session.

Price: £60

Sekhem Attunements & Energetic Upgrades


Have you reached a plateau in your Spiritual Development? Maybe you're feeling blocked and finding it difficult to tap into your psychic gifts and connection to spirit and Source?

Booking in for an Energetic Upgrade session with Laurie will  clear your energy pathways and activate your Light Body making room for higher vibrational frequencies of Light to integrate into your physical and energy bodies. Working with Galactic Energies, Light Language Codes and Galactic Guides, your dormant spiritual DNA will be awakened and activated, heightening your awareness and reconnecting you the multidimensional aspects of your Soul's Consciousness and Divine Blueprint.  

Booking a session will reconnect you to your Soul's mission, helping you to step fully into your own power, bringing about powerful transformation so that you can begin to expand into more of who you came here to be in this lifetime.

Price: £120


Ancient Egyptian Sekhem
1-2-1 Pure Sekhem  Course

Sekhem Level 1
Sekhem Level 2
Level1&2 combined
Sekhem Advanced 
Sekhem Master Teacher
Do you feel drawn to learning a new Energy Healing System? If you've found yourself here today,there's a reason the Universe has guided you!!!

If you are already an Energy Healing Practitioner , you will notice the vibrational difference of Sekhem immediately after being attuned and you run the energy. However, there is no need for any previous experience of working with energy, Level 1 is suitable for beginners and those who have already been attuned to Energy Healing Systems.

Although many healing modalities channel energy from Source, they all have their own unique vibrational frequency and the Frequency of Sekhem is extremely high in comparison to others that i have experienced. 

Many of my Students who had already completed their Reiki Training for example, found themselves surprised by  the energetic activations experienced during their attunement process, feeling heat, energetic releases physically and intense tingling and buzzing in their hands.

Sekhem truly is a conscious energy, the more consistently you work with it and combine your consciousness and your own vibrational energy signature with it, the more it will gift you with the mastery of its transformational power to co-create healing energies that you could have never imagined.
Price: £200
Price: £270
Price £370
Price £300
Price £650


 " Laurie really connected with me and intuitively understood how I was feeling and what was going on for me. After the session I felt an internal stillness, yet also a real charge of energy, both of which I really needed. What a freeing and powerful treatment, I’d definitely recommend her to anyone. "

Dawn Edgar

Praise from Yvonne Perry - Celestial Shaman

"Laurie, you've gotten to the point where your Galactic DNA has kicked in so much that you're able to house and hold frequencies that other people aren't able to and that's one of the reasons why you've been selected to do this work.

You're able to handle the higher frequencies, transducing and stepping them down into an energy frequency that your client's can receive.

You're doing some powerful work!!"

Yvonne Perry -Author, Coach, Light Language Activator & Celestial Shaman

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