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Initiate standing in fron of the Pyramids

Sekem Level 2 Initiation 

Sekhem Level 2 Workshop Details​
Energetic space clearing
Scanning the energy body
Attunement & Initiation to 10 Level 2 symbols
Distance healing practice
Time and space healing
   Healing triangle
How to use Level 2 symbols
20 minute Healing session, psychic read and guidance with Laurie
Level 2 Manual
 On-going support

Level 2 further opens your inner energy channels and yet again raises your energetic vibration further. Sekhem level 2 symbols will be placed into your energy field during this time, cleansing, clearing and releasing deeper layers of dense energy and making room for expansive Living Light Energy.​At this level the course is less structured and more intuitive, allowing time and space to  explore your personal understanding of how energy works and filling in any gaps in your knowledge that may have become apparent. Alongside going through the manual content and practice, we can go over anything you may not have fully grasped and focus on areas you would like to gain more understanding of. ​



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