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Energy Healing & Psychic Development Workshops

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Small Workshops

These workshops are designed for six to eight participants and are designed to teach you the fundamentals of energy work to enhance your own intuitive and psychic skills in a relaxed and friendly holistic studio. 

With over twenty years of energy work and psychic/intuitive practice Laurie is in a perfect position to teach you everything you need to know to begin your healing journey and enhance your intuitive abilities.

These smaller groups are ideal for groups of friends, family or co-workers who are interested in doing something a little different, perhaps for a birthday experience or a team building exercise. They are great fun, energising and enlightening and will help you discover some of the gifts you might not have known you had. You will learn the key  skills for starting to work as an intuitive healer to be able to give yourself, friends and family energy healing.
Each participant will receive a short but powerful energy healing from myself at the end of the workshop.

Corporate workshops

These larger workshops have the same format as smaller groups, but are run in your own work environment/space. These are excellent workshop experiences for wellness days with a difference and are very interactive and energising, finishing with a short but powerful energy healing from myself.

What will i learn?

The fundamental principles for effective grounding, centering and protection techniques
Learning how to sense and feel energy
creating energy chi balls
connecting to source energy
how to run energy
tuning in psychically & empathically
connecting with and sensing your healing guides
tapping into to your intuitive abilites using oracle cards

i wanted to make these workshops affordable

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