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Sakhem Master Teacher

Sekhem Courses


Sekhem Courses



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What is Sakhem?

What Is Sekhem?

Not only was Sekhem used for healing but was also used for other aspects of living such as expanding consciousness and promoting self-awareness and for the exploration of metaphysical pursuits. Although very powerful, the Energy has a beautiful angelic quality that is also gentle, loving and nurturing. Unlike many energy healing systems, the energy is chanelled through the Soul Star chakra and can never be depleted or negatively affect your personal energy as it is connected to the Divine Living Light Energy of the universe and has an ability to adapt and balance the energy brought through , bringing an optimal level for us. Sekhem is a healing system that incorporates Reiki, Seichim and Pure Sekhem, a beautiful synergy that complement one another - however, the symbols are drawn three dimensionally which brings in a different vibrational frequency to the usual two dimensional form of them.


Over the Years, the teachings of Sekhem have changed and will continue to change with the evolving consciousness of the planet and the teachers and practitioners that use it.​​

The type of energy received through Sekhem is a lifechanging one. By embracing this Divine and pure form of energy, you’ll be able to free your heart and mind and focus on your spiritual evolution rather than material issues. It can help you to fully step into your  own power, enlivening and activating the lost parts of yourself, bringing about powerful transformation and healing that enables you  to make changes in your life and reconnect you to your soul's blueprint.  It helps to heighten your connection to your higher self and spiritual gifts and support your personal growth so you can begin to expand into more of who you came here to be in this lifetime.

My Sekhem - Reiki  Lineage


Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Barbara Weber Ray

Patrick Ziegler

Tom Seaman


Phoenix Summerfield

Helen Belot

Pat Reynolds & Martin Dowling

Lesley Carol

Maya Ris

Laurie Blount

Working with Sekhem

Working with Sekhem

​​Having worked with different energy healing modalities over the years, I've sometimes felt that I've plateaued and found myself searching for something that could shift me up another level. However, since I've been working with Sekhem, I've not found that. Why? Because the vibrational frequency is changing with the consciousness of the planet and also with my own vibrational frequency. Over the years, I've been intuitively guided to work with it differently, with different clients- it literally leads the way as to how it can best serve who I am working with at the time. There are no hard set rules, hand placements or procedures you must stick to, but by using the energy consistently and consciously it begins to work with you.  It truly is the most conscious energy system I have worked with and it guides me all the way, to bring through the energetic frequency my clients need during their session. 

Each person that attunes to Sekhem will understand this for themselves, it will develop with you, with you own personal signature and as you grow and learn with it, it will transform your energy healing practices.  My healing sessions now are nothing like how I started out after my first attunement to Sekhem, they have evolved and become so much more transformational with quicker shifts happening.  The more you use the energy and work with it, the higher your vibrational frequency becomes, as I receive more attunements to the energy, more layers and levels of dense energy are removed and a greater stream of the Living Light Energy is integrated into my energetic and bodily systems, upgrading them.

The more you combine your consciousness with the energy of Sekhem , the more it will gift you with the mastery of its transformational power and co-create healing energies that you could never have imagined.

How Is Sekhem Taught

How Is Sekhem Taught?

Sekhem is taught in five stages or levels in a similar manner to Reiki where symbols are placed and attuned into the initiates energy field, once this is done, you are able to become a channel for the energy and be able to activate it whenever you want and allow it to flow through your hands for healing. 

Each level has different symbols that you are attuned to that specialise in different aspects of healing. Sekhem is taught in stages with each level bringing through progressively higher frequencies of energy. After each attunement you will begin the process of clearing away dense energy and blocks from your field, cleansing and clearing your physical and energetic bodies. Time is needed in between the successive levels to allow time for the clearing process to begin and to allow your body to gently integrate the new vibrational frequencies of the Living Light Energy and allow your body to adjust. During this time you will also be able to experience and use the energy so that you can become familiar and confident with working as an energy channel.


After you have completed Level two with your case studies, you will be able to work with clients if you choose to. You will find that with each level of Sekhem comes a deeper connection to the energy as you begin to experience further healing and personal transformation. Your inner guidance will improve and you will find yourself working more intuitively with the symbols and how and where you use them. Your connection to your team of guides will be clearer and you and will find it easier receive their help during your healing sessions.

At each level students are given a manual with information and guidance on how to draw and use the symbols, as well as information about grounding, protection, and creating sacred space for you to work in and much more. You can find out more information about this in the more detailed sections about each level of Sekhem.

We must keep growing and evolving into the highest version of ourselves in order to assist others to our fullest capacity. Be conscious with the energy you are working with, our souls are expansive and multidimensional and able to create spiritual wealth for yourself and others that you work with. Really listen to your inner guidance to help you develop your energy healing practice, this will bring more flow into your work and life and allow higher levels of consciousness to guide you.

As a teacher, you will be providing the tools, information and knowledge to help others find their own truth, to evolve and to open up to the limitless possibilities of their souls' potential.

'Our Soul''s are expansive and multidimensional, Sekhem will open you up to the limitless possibilities of your soul's potential '.

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